gabrielle fox

About me

In the 1980s I taught throughout England and worked from my studio in Sussex before returning to Ohio in 1990. Now based in Cincinnati, I travel often to care for collections and to teach. I have many original and preserved bindings held in private, public and academic libraries. Miniatures are a particular interest of mine. At the most recent meeting of the Miniature Book Society, I received the Norman W. Forgue Award, which was presented for "ongoing work as a conservator, bookbinder, and education facilitator, as well as an ongoing professional example as a member of the world of the miniature book." 

I have had three full-size books published: 

  • The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books
  • LARKSPUR PRESS: Forty Years of Making Letterpress Books in a Rural Kentucky Community 
  • The Flowing Spine: A Bookbinding Project Book

Miniature books published

  • Ann Muir, Master Marbler
  • Nunnehi: Welcome to the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Haiku and other poems
  • Queen Mab
  • A Notebook for Binding Miniature Books
  • A Workbook for Binding Miniature Books
  • CATS
  • Shaman: Anthropomorphic Figures in North American Rock Art
  • Collector Care

Sheets & Bindings

Books and bindings created for classes and exhibitions as well as unbound books or sheets are available. Please write and let me know your interests and I will send a catalog.